Through The Cracks

A short documentary exploring the unique challenges faced by families living in emergency accommodation.
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What Can You Do?

“The Republic guarantees . . . equal rights and equal responsibilities to all its citizens and declares its resolve to pursue the happiness and prosperity of the whole nation and of all its parts, cherishing all the children of the nation equally.”

Please take some time to read and consider signing ‘The People’s Housing Plan’ created by the good people at Uplift. You can help by sharing our film on social media and sharing it amongst friends and colleagues.

We would also encourage you to contact your local TDs and Councillors to urge them to take real action. You can find a list of all current TDs and Councillors below:

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Film Synopsis

As of March 2018, the number of homeless people in Ireland was reported to be over 9,652 individuals. Of these, 5,963 are adults – while 3,689 are children.

According to available statistics, the number of individuals entering homelessness is increasing every year. Between July 2014 and March 2018 the number of people reporting themselves as homeless has risen by 6,423 people, an increase of 127%. Since March 2017 alone, the number of individuals experiencing homelessness has increased by over 2,129.

‘Through the Cracks’ explores the experiences of three families who have or are currently living in state-funded emergency accommodation. Our film explores the unique challenges faced by families living in emergency accomodation. In particular, our film focuses on the emotional and psychological toll on these families – highlighting the long-term mental health consequences for parents and children growing up in homelessness.

By focusing on the personal experiences of these three families, we hope our film will provide audiences with a glimpse into the lives of these families beyond simple statistics and figures.


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Homeless Children

‘In April 2018, there were 3,689 children in emergency homeless accommodation with their families.’ – Focus Ireland

Why We Made the Film

Although the current facts and figures about homelessness in Ireland tell a powerful story in themselves, we wanted to give voice to the actual lived experiences of homeless families.

As filmmakers, we believe that stories have the power to create discussion and help instigate change. Our hope is that by drawing attention to the real people behind these statistics, our film will positively contribute to the on-going conversation around the housing crisis, state policy and homelessness in Ireland today.

Needless to say, the experiences of these three families are in no way intended to represent the whole. Everyone’s experiences, perspectives and journeys to homelessness are unique. However, many elements of these three stories are tellingly similar, which we feel tells a story in itself.

Homeless Families

‘The number of families becoming homeless has increased by 34% since April 2017. More than one in three of those in emergency accommodation is now a child.’ – Focus Ireland

Who We Are

Ingrid Casey is a poet, political activist and mother of three. Luke Daly and Nathan Fagan are award-winning filmmakers working across documentary, fiction and music videos.

  • Directors: Luke Daly / Nathan Fagan (Luna)
  • Producers: Ingrid Casey / Bold Puppy
  • DoP: Kevin Minogue
  • Assistant Camera: Andrew Moore
  • Editor: Nathan Fagan
  • Sound Operators: Steve Jackson / Keiran Horgan / Barry Connolly
  • Music: Stevie Darragh
  • Sound Design: Christopher Barry
  • Sound Mix: Colin McKenna /Jay Boland
  • Colourist: Dan Moran

Special Thanks to: Priscilla Mullen, Ava Farrell, Hannah Dunworth – Nolan, Leon and Kajus Labanauskas, Donny Quilty, Helen Kelly, Moya Doyle, Sarah Rose O’Meara, Taller Stories, Colin Brady, Conor Horgan, Colm O’Gorman, the Children’s Ombudsman office, Dara McClatchie, Finnstown Castle Hotel, Lucan Salesians Hostel, Maynooth University, Kildare St Joseph’s NS, Kilcock, Kildare, Inspire Gallery.

Rental Sector Crisis

‘According to Focus Ireland research and analysis, the overwhelming number of families becoming homeless had their last stable home in the private rented sector, and the crisis in this sector is the immediate cause of their homelessness – landlords selling up or being repossessed, shortage of properties to rent, scarcity of properties accepting rent supplement, and a high rent.’ – Focus Ireland